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Τα γατίσια μάτια και το αψεγάδιαστο κορμί της Corissa Furr που καθηλώνουν! [εικόνες]

Το βλέμμα, τα καταγάλανα μάτια και το καλοσμιλεμένο κορμί της Corissa Furr δεν είναι κάτι που θα ξεχάσει ποτέ κανείς εύκολα!

Το μελαχρινό μοντέλο ευτυχώς, το γνωρίζει και για καλή μας τύχη κοιτά να «ανεβάζει» συχνά πυκνά «καυτές» φωτογραφίες στο Instagram για να ιντριγκάρει το πιστό κοινό της!

C U T I E S 🍊🍊🍊 aka clementines •• Another easy way to eat your hydration in the summer time!! And they have so many more benefits, which of course I'm going to tell you about! Since they're like mini oranges, the obvious one is Vitamin C! Just one of these little babies is 60% of your daily value. One of the biggest benefits of clementines is that they are a low carbohydrate fruit, meaning they won’t spike your glycemic index. And they actually taste sweeter than oranges, but are LOWER in sugar! This one I actually didn't know until I looked it up… but they do contain protein! Not a huge amount… about 1 gram, but hey! Even better for me and my gains 😬 They're also high in potassium which is essential for healthy blood pressure, healthy joints, your arteries, and it helps battle bloating. And let's not forget about that lovely antioxidant that makes them orange… Beta-carotene (Vitamin A) which does wonders for your eyes, skin, and heart. Thank you, cuties! 🍊✌️

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If you desire a glorious future, transform the present. There is actually no other choice. If you want things to be different than your current situation, it starts with YOU making a change NOW to make room for those desires. – The scarier the changes, the better for your growth and success. It’s important to stop letting fear control your decisions. Let your love, your passion or your excitement control your decisions. And make the changes NOW, that will coincide with the future you desire. Practice habits that are indicative of someone who’s in the situation you desire. If you want to run a marathon one day, start with a jog tomorrow. If you want to run your own company one day, start putting in 10, 12, 14 hour days now. If you want to be able to do the splits, you just start stretching every day. Manifestation starts with the small steps toward the right direction TODAY 💕

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More fuck yeah || Less fuck that

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It is those of us that have been broken that become experts at mending – – Every. Single. Experience. – Is meaningful!! Every single thing that happens to you, is necessary for you to follow your path. Every struggle… Even the worst things that make you feel despair, like giving up… they are meant to help you realize your strength and resilience… and that when you press on… that’s when the greatest work is achieved. To help you remember that you are capable of anything. To bring attention to how magical you really are. Even when times are the worst… think of this – remind yourself that there is meaning to it all – remind yourself that this too, shall pass – that for every door that closes, another opens – that all of this. Is part of the plan to get you to your highest/best self. – – HAPPY MONDAY, all!!! Bring it, 100% this week! 🙏🌊

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